—2015 updates—

Muted Portraits

[record label, digital/cassettes]

Muted Portraits is a newly established record label releases spoken words.
Every Muted Portraits album contains a series of tracks where each track consists of words spoken off-the-cuff in response to a given piece of music. Our editors visit multiple anonymous commentators from various backgrounds, presenting each with an audio recording whose author remains in secret. The commentators listen to the music and then speak about it. These conversations are recorded and then published as digital and physical albums.

Detail coming soon in July!

East Asia Tour

[Dec 2014-Jan 2015 approx. 3600 kilometers]
Beijing-Hangzhou-Shanghai-Changsha-Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Hsinchu-Dulan-Kaosiung-Tainan-Taipei

It still feels very unreal that I actually made this happen.
I started from Beijing, the capitcal city of China in the north- and all the way down to Hong Kong at its southern end, mostly by train. Then I flew across the strait and made a tour all over Taiwan Island.
I performed with countless local musicians -they are so incredible. We also played at places that are off the limit of my imagination - we literally played on top of Taiwan's last defending castle in the 1895 war. (after that, it was colonized by the Japanese for decades)
And I was on this tiny train running from Hualien down to Taitung, along the east Taiwan railway right on the Pacific shore-with mountains on our right and sea on our left - definitely the best ride ever.
Oh there were so many stories I wish I could tell you in person.

—2014 updates—


斯文扫地 - 浪花

[CD release]

I'm pleased to announce the release of our noise duo Siwen Saodi's first album. It is available through shipping (leave me a line). You can also get it at record stores in Beijing, Taipei and New York.

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Every Hudson River

[40’47’’ field recording, October 2014]

a missed appointment, a long walk, and a forty-minute long audio recorded during a sunrise at Hudson river.

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[instrument design, with Chu Jiney and Christopher Ryan]

algorithm MIDI controller/lifelikeness generator based on cartesian geometrics
winner of 2014 Margaret Guthman Music Instrument Design Competition

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