"It Happened in the past life!"

4'17'', vocal improvisation/story telling
Track from Siwen Saodi's album [SPRAY], 2014

Exorcism Band of Two

6'45'', saxophone improvisation, 2014

Every Hudson River

40’47’’ field recording, October 2014

This is a 40-minute long sound track recorded near Hudson River in an early morning. I had an appointment on 6:30am with my friend Hsinyen and we were suppose to meet at east river bank in Manhattan.

The original plan was simple- take the ferry, and watch the sunrise. However we tried to find each other when we both arrived, but we couldn’t. I then realized that I ended up arriving at the Hudson River bank for some strange reason, which made me standing on the opposite side of the island to where she was. During the 40 minutes we tried to locate ourselves, sun had already risen. It seemed like we totally missed the sunrise. But during the sunrise while I was looking for her, I put the recorder on the riverbank and this piece of audio was recorded. I also took four pictures of the opposite bank (New Jersey) between 7:05am and 7:30am.

Later, we both walked down along the banks and finally met at the bottom end of Manhattan. Then we walked up a little bit in lower Manhattan and had some sandwiches for breakfast.

Phase III

3’11’’, live excerpt, composition for electronics & accordion, 2013


4’10’’, composition, 2013

Karma and Blues

6’00’’, field recording, 2013