Tri-O is an algorithmic MIDI controller that allows you to easily create life-like effects for your digital a/v project. Based on an open-ended Cartesian geometry system, TRI-O generates a set of complex signal flows. On its surface, three speed-adjustable discs drive the endless transformation of a triangle. The machine calculates the area, side lengths and angle values of the changing triangle, converts them into separate MIDI signals so that they can be assigned respectively to different parameters of a (external) sound synthesizer. All the output signals of TRI-O are non-linear, unpredictable and “organically” interrelated. It can be connected to MIDI-compatible synthesizers, audio/visual workstation, etc., via a USB cable.

The design idea behind “Tri-O” is simultaneously originated from the challenging to the “precise control” promoted by popular MIDI controllers and questioning the practicality of applying randomness to music compositions. It seeks a balance point between top-down control and absolute autonomy in electronic music practice.

Tri-O has won the 2014 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition judged by legend producer Young Guru and Cycling ’74 CEO David Zicarelli.